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Monday, June 16, 2008

Angelic Voices

Three years ago I had the privilege of attending a Sarah McLachlan concert live here in Tampa. I had killer tickets and went with my friend, Ed. It lives as one of the truly great shows I've seen here in Tampa.

The beauty of YouTube is that it allows you to see "one of a kind" performances, from wherever and whenever they took place. Such is this video (thanks to daviding83!) Loading... from a Philadelphia concert where Sarah had Josh Groban join her for a memorable version of "Arms of an Angel".....


Algernon said...

Oooh, that's good.

Pam said...

This is absolutely one of my most favorite songs of all time! It never fails to make my eyes well up or produce goose bumps!

Hal Johnson said...

I'm going to have to wait until I get into town from our home in the sticks to listen to the video, but I've always loved that song.

I like your new blog home. I've long thought that blogspot was more user friendly for writers and readers than your other place.

But hey, what do I know?

Anonymous said...


I will listen to the video when I am back from work and have more time. But thank you for sharing this.

I like your new blog home too!


quid said...

It's definitely a lot more friendly and creative, Hal.... hope you get a chance to hear the video, H and Raven!