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Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the Desk of a Fellow Blogger....

who posts at; I give you an excellent writer, and sometime fellow hothead... macresarf1:

The Mills of the Law Begin to Grind on Bush/Cheney & Co

Wednesday and yesterday, two highly significant developments occurred in bringing President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to justice. Wednesday morning, Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens, 84, longest serving and most senior of Republicans in the Senate, was indicted on seven charges of lying to the FBI, by a Federal Grand Jury. Stevens, a man of immense power and clout, was replaced yesterday afternoon as Ranking Member on the powerful Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee by Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. [If you have watched proceedings of that committee on C-span, you will know that she is one of the more intelligent the GOP contingent on the committee. Stevens, self-described as "the meanest man in the Senate and proud of it," made a fool of himself recently by explaining the Internet as a series of great "tubes," for instance, and Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe often states flatly that Global Warming is a hoax.] The Justice Department, stung by tardy watchdog reports of widespread unethical behavior, including its own, may be pushed to examine the corrupting influence of Stevens PAC funds on fellow Republicans, some say on Senator Hutchinson herself.

And yesterday morning, the House Judiciary Committee took its first practical step toward Impeachment, or if you prefer, "Hearings on the Limitations of Presidential Power," by holding former George W. Bush Advisor, Karl Rove, in Contempt of Congress for refusing to answer a Committee subpoena to testify under oath. The Committee has questions for Rove ranging from his possible influencing of false indictments against Democrats to lying before the Congress to helping to orchestrate the outing of Covert CIA Agent Valerie Plame as an act of revenge. [The latter is an Act of Treason under the Constitution.] The President has claimed that all of his conversations and dealings with advisors are "privileged." Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will take the matter under advisement and make a decision in September whether or not to press on with the prosecution or not. (Quidrock comment: get your ass in gear, finally, Nancy.)A likely move would be to add the act to two others currently before the Supreme Court, in order to achieve a definitive ruling.

That's a delightful photo of the distinguished Karl Rove, above.

However these matters play out, they provide the platform for the investigation, indictment and prosecution of criminal acts by hundreds of members of the Bush Administration and their corporate cohorts. No matter, those painfully slow Mills of Justice are beginning to grind, as they did in Watergate, and they have the Bush/Cheney gang, the war profiteers, the looters of the Treasury, and the despoilers of our Constitution firmly in their teeth.


Algernon said...

I am out of hope that this milk-livered wretch of a Democratic-led Congress will do anything to hold President Bush or his junta accountable for what they have done. The best hope left is that the hearings will document for posterity a narrative of this travesty.

Right of Center said...

Nancy is much too busy dancing around w/ her own agenda to worry about such things..she just wants to stall the congress into an even lower approval rating!