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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Dance Fix

My Dance Fix each week is a show called, "So You Think You Can Dance?" ... unlike the cheesier "Dancing With the Stars", the TV spot showcases great young dancers from around the country, and great choreographers. A lot of these kids have gone on/are going on to great careers, and they may otherwise never have been noticed.

This year, it is likely that the popular audience will vote in one of two young men who have had little formal training, and came to the stage as hip-hop dancers. The best of hip-hop are those who not only can perform all the street moves, but are versatile enough to shine in pairs, in ballroom, and who can choreograph their own routines creatively. Although I like both male dancers (Joshua, and a young man dubbed "Twitch") I believe it will be Twitch who prevails. Here's:
--his audition (own choreography) and
--a contemporary jazz routine with the show's top female contestant,

Hip hop has come a long, long way for me. Twitch dances in a style called "popping".

Twitch -- he may be one of the nicest, most talented kids ever on TV.


Kelly said...

Wow! That guy really has a lot of talent!

*sigh* Sometimes I wish I could move like that....

Algernon said...

Very nice!

Right of Center said...

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Tickets on sale 8/2/08 @ 10AM