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Friday, July 4, 2008

Repeating Year After Year

There is a quick shortcut to holidays if you are a blogger. Just go back to last year and post what you posted then. (C'mon, admit might do it, too.)

I checked out the YaHOO blog and found that, on July 4, 2007, I'd posted a real deadpan piece about my lack of confidence in the leadership of George W. Bush, accompanied by Keith Olberman's video asking George to resign:

Obviously, that didn't happen. And yes, I don't know if either of our Prez candidates is the right guy to take the helm (and the girl lost...she wasn't the right one, either). And George, last time I checked, hadn't stepped down. Economically, we're in a world of hurt. But somehow, despite all that, I find myself in a more positive frame of mind. My own life improved year over year...better place to live, better job, same amount of debt, (less in the 401k, I'll admit), all the fine friends still with me, my kids in better circumstances, I'm feelin' romantic again. My health is maintaining at the same level. I already took a great vacation this year. I'm going to the baseball game today!

George rarely bothers me anymore.

Thus, thought I'd treat the readers with a photo that could've come off my own road growing up in Minnesota (the road, like many rural roads there, DID NOT HAVE A NAME. It was just...the road by our house. Some people called it the golf course road. If you lived there, you had a P.O. Box. Anyways, that flag looks just like what my dad wouldn've put out by our newspaper box (when you have a PO Box, you don't have a mailbox by the driveway). So, Happy 4th to all, and may it get better and better as the year stretches onward.


Kelly said...

I like the picture. Until our county switched to 911 (about 15 years ago) our address was a RR. They finally paved our road about that time, too. And yep, we have our newspaper box attached to our mailbox (which is encased in metal now due to vandals).

Happy 4th of July to you!! (and may your favored team win the ballgame!)

Pam said...

Happy 4th!!!! And, happy day-after-your-birthday celebration!

You ARE still celebrating, yes?

David W. and I vowed some years ago to celebrate our birthdays all month long. We're both April babies!

God, I'm so far removed from 'baby'!!! LOL!

I doubt I blogged last year. Too crazy around here. Lazy day with boys today. Trish at work. We're having Dickie's BBQ and will hike to the ball fields later to see if we can see some of the fireworks from that vantage point. Last year we could and it was close, fun and free!!! :)

Serena Joy said...

That rural road looks like a great place to grow up.

Happy belated birthday!:)

Algernon said...

Lovely picture. Happy 4th to you.