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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort

I gotta bad feeling about Fay. Right now the hurricane watch extends only about as far as Anna Maria Island, about 40 miles south of me. Models have the thing turning east before it gets to Tampa and hitting the soft middle of the state...the area that has had such a hard time in the last 4 years.

It's early, it may still remain a Tropical Storm. It will be interesting to go to work tomorrow and see what shenanigans will ensue, then not so interesting on Tues/Wed.

Time to go buy water.


5:00 pm model. Uh oh. Now it's going west of me. Not good.


Pam said...

Stay safe and leave if they say GO!

I guess you'll have more of an idea tomorrow or Tues.


quid said...


I am not in an evacuation zone. Should be OK in the house.

Watch is now extended to Tarpon Springs, so that includes me.


Bob said...

Will be watching and thinking about you Quid.

Visited Tampa/St.Pete spring of '06 and '07 for Spring Training. Love the area.

Do you like baseball? The Rays are unbelievable this year!

Kelly said...

Yes, Quid, I'll be thinking about you, too!! Keep us posted as you can!

Donna said...

(Yawn.) Really, if it becomes a hurricane, it will be a CAT 1. Truly, the only bad thing about a CAT 1 is that it's mild and people think nothing about going outside to fix or secure falling things. Getting hit by something, even at 60 mph can kill someone. Period. In other words, stay inside and you'll be fine. I promise!

Serena Joy said...

I trust your feelings. You've always had a knack for knowing when you're going to get hurricane-smacked and when it's going to blow another way. Keep an eye out, take precautions, and be careful!

Hal Johnson said...

I'll be thining about you Quid. Don't hang around if it looks like things will get dicey.

Donna said...

Hooray!! You're out of the woods! (Subject to change at any moment. LOL!) It looks like you'll get the good side, and we'll get the bad side, but the eye doesn't look like it's going near either of us!

Anonymous said...


I will continue to keep you in my thoughts.

With a hug,

quid said...

Much ado about nothing guys. It missed us and is dropping a deluge on the east coast, well north of Donna (although she probably got a lot of rain, too).

Thanks for your fine thoughts. Q

Algernon said...

How about today? Doing all right?

quid said...

An altogether wierd storm as it finally leaves Florida and goes on to bedevil Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.

I personally found myself in a "Wall of Water", trying to get to my car in a work parking lot on Thursday of the little squalls as it moved on Gainesville.

I believe that Melbourne and Naples got the worst, and six people died in Florida. A little unnerving as we move into September, with perhaps more "action".