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Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to pick your numbers...

I was reading the Atlantic today (political commentary, of course) and they took time out for this insightful poem by John Skoyles. I'm a lottery player, and often predict I will win in advance...keeping all hope alive. I loved this piece that's an ode to how many people pick the series of numbers they use over and over... enjoy.


~John Skoyles

Pick a number,

any number,

and it will bear

the teeth marks of time.

The day confetti

stippled your shoulders

to keep love

bright and alive;

the year your newborn

son survived.

The two of us

riding the 33 bus

to the birthday bash

where a prophetic

blues band played

“You’ve Changed.”

The magnificent sum

of always, now, and still

dealt by the god

who pinched fate

into every living vein.


Pam said...

Oh my, I love this!

I guess I never thought about numbers quite that way.

I've only played the lottery a few times in my life.

It is true that your odds are zilch if you never play!

Kelly said...

I don't usually give much thought to numbers, but I DO have a favorite number!

Arkansas doesn't have a lottery, so I've rarely bought a ticket... only occasionally when Powerball has reached huge amounts and I've made a quick run (about 15 miles) to LA to pick up a few. Even then I don't worry about the numbers.