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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Poem I Wish I'd Written

Sat down today and doodled some poetry I'd been trying to call up from what cellular matter I have this week (too much work, too much worry); and was unsuccessful. I went through the crazy library of my poetry from this decade, both the finished and the unfinished, and nothing inspired.

Got the notion to read what is, without a doubt, my favorite poem of all time. It's not by a revered poet, it is by someone from the website, who wrote it without leaving a last name. But it never fails to get my lyrical juices flowing. So, I thought I'd share:

Like Keys In Your Pocket

I can tell by your face;

your eyes see the light shining, this love

that wants to jump out and

grab you


I have to hold it back

or it would wash

over you

overwhelm you

surprise you.

A tsunami

of emotion.

Like keeping secrets;

there's more than you know

it's hidden inside


for you to coax it out

invite it

to live with you.

Do you know

who I am

standing in this pool

of quiet streetlight

watching your car


in snow and darkness?

I could wrap myself around

you so you could

wear me

under your clothes;

my head to your chest,

my mouth to your flesh


warm & dewy.

Carry me with you,

as I am yours

like keys in your pocket


a good luck charm


about your neck.

Jody T.
It's beautiful, is it not?


Scott said...

I am occasionally moved to write some poetry myself. Most of it in the "vogon" genre. I am mostly moved by articles, such as this :

I'm sure this one will become your new favorite.

Cat Contemplates a Rodent Robot - a poem (sorta)

movements of the robot
antimated by rat synapses

be on your guard
rodent intelligence
runs amok in the kitchen

A cat, rotund of build
Contemplates the robot's epileptic dance

rodent, asks the cat
can your machine open a can of tuna
to support my ample girth
and provide us with nibbly bits

no, replies from the rat
but we can send it out for Chinese
and so they did
and it was good


tell me that doesn't bring a tear to you eye Quid :-P

quid said...

What a great genre, Scott. Cats. And me with ailurophobia. Seriously, athough not my new favorite, I'm definitely a fan.


Kelly said...

Wonderful poem!

Scott said...

My favorite poem starts with

"There once was a girl from Nantucket..."