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Saturday, January 10, 2009

9 Days

There are only 9 days left of the Bush Administration.
For most of it, I've felt the same way as the baby does, above.
For sheer comic relief though, I will miss him. There are moments in this video, below, where he even appears (gulp) cute. Not a positive attribute in a Prez. Still. Enjoy.
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"A clever man commits no minor blunders. " --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Algernon said...

The cutest war criminal despot ever. All he needs is a Cuban suntan.

MarionL said...

It's really funny how Obama comes from the most corrupt state in the USA (Illinois even outdid Louisiana) and nobody seems to notice this small fact in the mainstream media. Or that he spent billions of dollars to "buy" the office---I think it's a shame that normal people cannot become president anymore because it's a fame game and a contest to see who can "buy" the office by collecting the most money. He's coming into office with wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel and the worst economy in decades. May God have mercy on him if he's lambasted like Bush. (There have been wars and rumours of wars since time began...and always will be.) I voted Republican, but every single day since the election I've prayed for Mr. Obama and his extended family. I feel it's my duty as an American citizen. All the mudslinging and name-calling does nothing but alienate people. If ever our nation needed to pull together and quit being so freaking petty about things we cannot change, it's now.

I say we all stand behing our leaders and pray for and uplift them.

quid said...

Nothin' to do with Obama, whom I support, or McCain, who I voted for in 2000 and 2004...BUT

It's really hard for me to stand behind George Bush, Marion.

I'm distracted by the war we never should have started, the corrupt takeover by special interests of land in America that should have remained ever wild, the tax cut program that benefited the top 2% of the American wealthy for an 8 year span, with 2 more to go, the unconstitutional program of spying and listening to the conversations of ordinary Americans, the war crimes we committed at Gitmo, the torture we have promoted there and in other hidden locations in the world, condoning the "outing" of Valerie Plame,and the blatant cronyism that has dogged his appointments since the beginning, and will continue, since he now has given lifetime appointments to
people such as Michael Chertoff.

I was pleasantly surprised by his championing of things like "No Child Left Behind" and his Special Education plank, but he never funded those initiatives properly. Likewise, I am not a major critic of his Supreme Court appointments (and I thought I would be) after Harriet Miers withdrew. I will admit that he displayed some presidential stature in the months following 9/11, only to corrupt it by shifting the military focus to Iraq.

History will be even unkinder to Dubya than I am.


Algernon said...

It fills me with sadness to read the above and note how degraded our political discourse remains by the kind of blind, non-rational partisanship that looks for any weak hook to hang on someone from the wrong party. Obama comes from ILLINOIS. He spent money on his political campaign. (McCain spent a fortune, as well, but apparently he wasn't "buying" the office.) Obama isn't a NORMAL person because he's a professional politican who raises money. (Unlike Republicans?) There are people who side with Democrats that offer up similar hysteria about the other side, it is really a shame.

Marion is right on the general principle. It serves the country well to support legitimately elected officials who represent our country, locally and nationally. That support, however, must never become unconditional. We know full well that leaders are human and fallible; there is no divine right of presidents. If a president goes badly wrong, corrective measures must be taken. When a president goes badly wrong and endangers the welfare of the country, measures have to be taken.

Our failure is that we have had leadership that went badly wrong in this decade, and the welfare of our country suffered for it.