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Sunday, January 4, 2009

There is entirely not enough poetry.....

in the world, or on this blog. Resolved: That in 2009, I will share, at least weekly, some of the poetry I love (or wrote) on this venue.

This is a curious poem; I wrote it about a friend of mine, who was entirely too invested in a relationship that, to the outside world, was going nowhere. I don't think I've published it anywhere before...not on Pearlsoup, not anywhere, methinks.

In re-reading it now, I can feel parts of me in the poem.....



Your Small Seductions

She’ll not be a pawn for your truth,
Nor follow you blindly or silently.
She’ll not sacrifice self for love
Or give away name or integrity.

But she is prey for your small seductions
Glances melting,
Touches burning,
Casual endearments,
Pursuing to the point of being pursued.
Sharing thoughts but holding back
From shared experience.

What is the game and when will it end?
When will you set her free with the truth of your
Intentions, your ego, your state of mind?
Can you live without her, or love with her?

Such is her nature
That she is too afraid to ask,
Too proud to admit that
She may not be able to survive the truth.

~quidrock 2005


Pam said...

Oh my, Quid. I absolutely love this poem! It's amazing!

I never cease to love your poetry!

This is a keeper, my friend!

Kelly said...


Once upon a time I didn't read any poetry other than my sister's.
I'm so glad that you, Marion and Raven have broadened my horizons both with your own poetry and the works of others.

quid said...

I am always gratified when one of two things happen:

Another poet is fond of one of my poems.

Someone who really never got into poetry finds something in mine.

Thanks, you two. It means a lot.


Serena said...

Yes! We definitely need to see more of your poetry. The Blogosphere will be richer for it. This poem is, in a word, stunning.

Anonymous said...


This poem was new to me. And in my opinion it's an excellent and evocative poem.