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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not Enough Boss In the World

Springsteen was here in Tampa in April...returned last night for the Superbowl. It was a spectacular half-time show ... but only 12 minutes. After 2 vinyl copies of each of "The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle" and "Born to Run", after having each on CD along with 4 or 5 other discs by the Boss ( I loaded up my copy of "The Essential Bruce Springsteen" for the car tomorrow), having seen him twice...once in the '70's as a bar band in the Midwest...once in Jersey in the 80's when we broke loose from a business trip... I've had my Boss moments. With the advent of YouTube, I've collected some videos.

Enjoy 4 from my collection below....

From the 70's... I saw him in Minneapolis in 1978. "Rosalita" was his closing song for about a decade. This particular video is from Phoenix, from the same year. Maybe my favorite of all his songs, with the larger than life Clarence Clemons blowing it out on the sax.

You think of him as a rocker, but for me, Springsteen is about the sexiest thing I've ever seen on stage. Here's a skin scorcher... "Fire" from 1984. This is from Toronto, but I saw the same tour in Jersey that year. That statue moment with Clarence in the middle was a show-stopper:


Springsteen often collaborates on stage. Here's a rare piece of film from the '80's, when U2 was just becoming an international event. Bono shares the stage with Springsteen in Philadelphia in '87 for one of the greatest soul songs of all time... "Stand By Me". Note all the skinny jeans. This is my most treasured Springsteen video.

If you missed Springsteen's disc called "Magic" in 2007, you really missed it. Here's a slice (and not even the best song) from that disc... video taken in 2007:


Donna said...

Best half-time show EVER!!!

Thanks, I needed more Boss. Twelve minutes wasn't near enough!

Kelly said...

I hesitate to admit this here, but I've never been much of a Springsteen fan.

You will be proud to know I watched the game. Started out just for the commercials, but actually got into the game by the end of it!

Debby said...

The game was on. I didn't watch it. Made everyone happy at my house when the Steelers won. I like it when everyone is happy. There is where my interest in the whole thing kind of tapers off...

MarionL said...

I missed the game and the Boss. (He wasn't on my music radar back then. I was too busy trying to be a gypsy like Stevie Nicks.....) I was cooking deer meat, rice and gravy yesterday and the strangeness of cooking put me in a sort of flashback coma. Glad you enjoyed the show, though!

Pam said...

Watched it; loved it; huge Boss fan!!

Saw him in concert in the 80's. Have everything he's done.

quid said...

Interesting mix of comments. Tie between boss/football lovers and boss/football ignorers.

I have a broad mix of friends!