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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, Sure, I Was A Fan

Of the Obama speech last night. A lot of memorable rhetoric. I'll watch others dissect it. My favorite quote of the night came not from Obama, but from the 8th grade student he featured (Tysheoma Bethea; no accident that she comes from South Carolina, a state with a horse's ass for a governor), on the topic of education:


I sure hope she's right.


MarionL said...

I heard parts of it. I just hope the country improves, banking and the stock market specifically. I loved his tie. Tee-Hee.

And our illustrious, intelligent governor Jindal did a good job on the back talk for the Republicans.

Algernon said...

It was a decent performance, balancing the gravity of our economic crisis with a positive vision for moving forward. The sort of thing he is very good at.

Pam said...

It was, as usual, wonderful rhetoric and with lofty goals.

I would love to see him accomplish all that he wishes to do.

I just have serious doubts about the ability to get all this done.

Anytime soon, that is.

Lots more details are needed in my book.

Jindal, Marion, disappointed me. He was wooden and seemed rather sophomoric. I was also left scratching my head at times. He needs to work on his speaking skills before he goes further.

It's never good, however, whichever party, has to do the rebuttal.

MarionL said...

Pam, I think Jindal was just a total nervous wreck. He didn't come across with the confidence & power I see him display locally. (I already heard a comedian on the radio say they picked Jindal to speak because of the success of "Slumdog Millionarie". Puuuleeze!)

I heard him speak at Paul's med school graduation a while back, and the man is a genius, a math whiz, a family man and full of compassion. (I've never, ever said that about a politician). He was born here in Louisiana but his parents (both doctors) are from India. He said they were devastated when he told them he was dropping out of med school to go into politics! But he helped our state get out of debt under Governor Foster. I hope he keeps his vision and doesn't get corrupted or become a member of the good ole boy network. One can always hope!!

quid said...

I felt bad for Jindal, because who the heck wanted to follow that up? And the process, where he pretty much has to write the speech without knowing what Obama is going to say, is difficult.

Jindal got left holding the Republican bag. It probably hurt him as a frontrunner against less talented Republican prez-wannabees (do I have to name her?)

I hope he breaks from the party line and gives us a better taste of his own philosophy at some point.


Algernon said...

Did not watch Jindal's speech until today, and was surprised. I'm sure I have seen him do better. In part, yes, following Obama is not an enviable task for any politician. Yet I wondered if he was a bit over-coached and lost himself.

The speech itself, eh, he's on another planet from my philosophically but I won't pick him on him here. One thing that dumbfounded me, though, was when he referenced the government response to Hurricane Katrina to suggest government is not a trustworthy resource in a crisis.

Um, he does know that botched response was on the Republicans' watch -- doesn't he? It was an unintended slap on his own party. Not a deft touch.

David Brooks (a Republican), I think it was, who said that the best thing to happen to Obama all night was Jindal's speech. Ouch.