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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pardon My Interruption

Flamenco at the Columbia last week.... at dinner with friends.

Although I'd weaned myself from constant online focus after the Inauguration, I still found myself spending too much of my free time online. I decided to take a two week break (that morphed into three) and do more of the "things I do" in the evening and on the weekends, instead of spending so much time online. Thus, the blog, and the attention I've paid to others' blogs, has seemingly waned.

I'm back online and thank everyone who wrote to me to "check in" while I was conducting my own little social experiment. I think I can handle my online life again, and not let it invade all of my personal space, going forward.

I'll catch up on/with all of you!



Kelly said...

I'm so glad to see you here again! I missed you!!

I've learned to turn my laptop on just long enough to do my "usual" online stuff each day. If it's not already on, I'll do other things with my free time like read or work puzzles.

MarionL said...

Welcome back to the IMAGINE-ary world of cyberspace. I abSOUL-utely missed you lots and lots and had to play with words (as you can see) while you were gone. HUGS!

Pam said...

I'm glad to see you back!! I miss you!!!!

I just don't have the time to spend online that I used to. I'm either too exhausted or I've got other things I need or want to do.

I've spent a bit more time online this week during spring break.

quid said...

Ahhhh! Spring break. This is the week that everyone converges on Tampa. We finished the SEC tournament on Sunday, had a whole week of the Outback Transitions golf tournament; the Yankees and Phillies are in town, and the spring breakers.

Traffic. Ugh. People. Too many.
And tons of Florida pollen. Thinking back fondly to February.