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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here are 20 questions I took from a post from an old Pearlsoup friend - they will seemingly give you all the "profiling" you need about me! Try it!

20. "What's Your Sign?"
Here’s an old pickup line… it’s Cancer. I don’t resemble the normal Cancer characteristics in the least.

19. Eye Color?
I characterize them as green, but they’re bluish if I wear blue and grayish if I wear black. Kinda changeable.

18. Favorite Type of Music?
I have some real mix in the music I like – I have always been big on folk music, but enjoy R & B, country, jazz, some forms of rock. With classical or instrumental, I really only have overwhelming feelings for guitar – especially Spanish or latin. I have a tendency to be drawn more to female artists than male, and the true key to my musical tastes are the lyrics. I admire songwriters with strong lyrical themes. The kind of songs that could be poetry.

17. Favorite Gemstone?
Emeralds, silly. Are there others?

16. Pet Peeves?
I don't know that I get "peeved" at very much any more. Some stupid things that happen in politics, perhaps; details already contained in earlier and no doubt, later entries in this blog.

15. Favorite Flowering Plants?
Stargazer lilies, although all lilies are enchanting. Lilacs and tulips – I miss them in Florida. The absolutely gorgeous hibiscus you find here (and for which I have too much of a black thumb to grow.) A favorite task is arranging a mixed bouquet.

14. Favorite Books and Authors (Fiction)?
My friend Darla first gave me the idea of this list; I share 2books with her (first 2 on the list)

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien
Exodus by Leon Uris
Possession by A. S. Byatt
Watership Down by Richard Adams
The Collector by John Fowles
Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

13. Hobbies?
Reading, writing, the internet, films, watching sports, especially football, travel.

12. Favorite Television Programs?
So many. From the past: Hill Street Blues, Cheers, Homicide, Life on the Street, Sex and the City. From the present: Law & Order, whatever the version, Top Chef, The Menatalist, Without a Trace, Damages, NCIS, The Amazing Race.

And football. College and NFL, of course.

11. Favorite Museums?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art – NYC, the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian, the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Ringling Brothers complex in Sarasota, including the beautiful Asolo Theater, and, although I haven’t seen it yet (but I will) I know the Football Hall of Fame in Canton would be right up there.

10. Favorite U.S. State?
I love it, I hate it. It’s complex. Florida.

9. Earliest Actual Memory?
I have a frightening memory of being around 4 on a Saturday night (Gunsmoke was on) and in my jammies when a bullet came through the open window of our apartment and embedded itself in the living room wall. It is as though it happened yesterday. May I say that I did not grow up in a hotbed of crime, but rather in a little Italian sector of a small town in northern Minnesota. Whoda thunkit?

8. First Presidential Election?
I was one of those 6 people who voted for George McGovern and campaigned ceaselessly for him in 1972. I do remember elections as far back as the Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960, however.

7. Earliest Interaction with Computers
This is too funny for words. As a college freshman in 1972, I took an engineering Fortran class. I used the school's keypunch machine to create my programs on card decks. The decks were run in a shared computer facility that belonged to the college. I wrote 12 programs. At the start of the semester, it took 1-2 hours of turnaround time to get the output. By the end of the semester, when everyone was trying to get all their programs done, it took 2 days to turn around Program 12. My kids don’t believe this story, can’t imagine it.

6. Favorite Public Vices?
There is very little left!! In my youth, they included beer and dancing to country music. Now, I’m stuck with just displaying my addiction to coffee in public places.
I’m particularly stuck on a good cry at a particularly poignant film in a crowded theater, and have been known to, shall we say, overreact, to a bad call by the referee at a football game.

5. Favorite Restaurant?
My brother is coming for a week late in March. We have to hit the Columbia, the best Cuban restaurant in town, but if I had to choose it will also include the Sea Porch Café at the Don Cesar for its incomparable setting on the Gulf of Mexico, Charlie’s, the best steakhouse in Tampa or anywhere (and so elegant), or my favorite place for Thai – Sukothai. Out of town? I’m crazy about The Blue Willow Inn near Atlanta. Day to day? You can’t beat Panera Bread, Crispers, and Sweet Tomatoes for everyday food in this town.

4. Education?
I have my Bachelor’ s Degree in business from the University of North Dakota and have dabbled in a variety of ongoing courses at the University of South Florida. I’d like to take a couple of online HR courses through Cornell this year. They are the best in the business.

3. Political Affiliation?
I'm an independent voter. It’s difficult to not call me a liberal or a Democrat in these last 8 years, because I have been so profoundly opposed to the last administration. I grew up in a Democratic, pro-union family, so I guess the lean is that way.

2. Religious Affiliation?
I have none. I was raised in both Lutheran and Serbian Orthodox churches, for contrast, and chose to be baptized Orthodox as a teen. I spent much of my adult life in Catholic and Epicsopal churches. I find more time in touch with my higher power when I meditate than when I participate with others in a scheduled religious service.

1. Marital/Relationship Status?

I was married once, for 26 years. Our divorce was civil and we remain friends. I have been single for nearly 5 years. I am content with my independence. I believe that I will want to be in a committed relationship sometime again in my life, and to live with my partner, but I am unafraid to continue to live on my own, should I never meet the right person. I love someone, but accept that we probably won’t marry or live together, and while that gives me some sadness, I feel so good about myself and my life, that the form of coupling that I may or may not have again really doesn’t bother. Or do I just not admit it?


Kelly said...

What a fun post! I'll e-mail you my list since it might be a little lengthy for a comment....

Pam said...

Pretty spot on, I'd say, Ms. Quid.

Here's mine, sorta...

20. Aries: totally!
19. Mostly blue, can look green when wearing green.
18. Country, rock, metal, classical...everything but Jazz. Not a Jazz fan.
17. Diamonds, of course
16. People that are LATE!
15. Hibiscus, roses, tulips, lilies
14. "Peter Pan" and all book spin offs and commentaries, Ian McEwan's books, lately..Stephanie Meyers Vampire books. I love the likes of James Patterson, Alice Sebold, all things strange like "The Stolen Child" or "Raveling". And, more...
13. Reading, TV, Internet, writing, researching books, articles and tools dealing with Autism, Aspergers, bipolar, ADHD and other PDDs.
12. Sheesh..hmmm..let's see: CSIs, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Lost, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives, True Blood, Dexter, American Idol, Fringe, Eleventh Hour. I loved Moonlight, still like Flashpoint, Ghost Whisperer and Numbers. I'm liking the last season of ER. Also, Without a Trace.
11. All the ones I've been to here, in NYC and in London.
10. Texas
9. Don't know if I really remember it or was told so many times I think I do... Standing on the staircase and seeing my daddy for the first time. He was overseas when I was born. They say (do I remember?) I looked at his picture, looked back at him and said "Daddy!". I like to think I actually remember this.
8. I don't know. I DO know that I voted for George Wallace just to tick my, now, ex-husband off.
7. I had a word processor, Epson,in the 80s. Not long after I got a PC from a store (in San Antonio) where they built them the way you wanted them. Was into the BBS scene (chat boards) pre AOL or Prodigy.
6. I cry at movies, have been known to laugh at someones fall or stumble (if not hurt), have the stray road rage in-car display, have scolded rude people in public.
5. Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory, Pei Wei, any good Italian restaurant and Sonic.
4. BA in English and French, the odd Poetry and short story courses at UTSA while living in San Antonio, education courses while in alternative certification (teaching).
3. Independent, I guess. Not ultra-conservative or really liberal. I more or less straddle the middle, from time to time leaning to the left or right. In political quizzes I tend to come out Libertarian.
2. Grew up Methodist, have dabbled in many other denominations. Sometimes go to a non-denominational church across the street from my home.
1. Solidly single! Was married for 17 years. It didn't take. Divorced since 1982. Happily single ever since. My life is full! I'm pretty much raising my two youngest grandsons. They are the full-time men in my life. I'm not really interested in any other relationship.

Algernon said...

#8. First Presidential election was 1992. I barely missed getting to vote in 1988 and I had been mad about it. The 1988 election had made me furious.

1992 - Clinton get elected, but I voted for J. Quinn Brisben, the Socialist candidate. A REAL socialist. I liked his anti-militarism plank and I was all about war in those days.