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Sunday, April 12, 2009

From an Easter past...

Not the most religious of individuals, I attended an Easter service a few years ago that inspired this poem....


Watching your dog chase his tail.

Watching your baby raise a tiny fist,

Then focus and eyes grow wide as she realizes it is hers.

Going outdoors in the early morning

Focus on the sunlight that falls on the hibiscus tree

The blooms open in slow motion.

Vast rainbow rising

As the mist clears on a summer day

And the slow sun begins to warm the ground

Made green velvet by the rain.

Steaming pottery mug

Of freshly ground coffee, brewed

With a hint of cinnamon.

The aroma rises as you add

Milk or cream, and give the rich coffee a brief stir.

Sense of complete communion

With self and maker, sitting

The 12–string guitar makes rich

The music of the day.

Dawn services at Easter.

You think you know how the world seemed, then.



Pam said...

This is lovely! Love the visuals!

Serena said...

Whatever the inspiration, it's perfectly beautiful.

Kelly said...

This is beautiful.. done in that interesting format you introduced several posts back.