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Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's always odd....

I think that poets and writers have "favorite works" that are not necessarily as well-received as their material that is less personal. My own favorite was written in the aftermath of the reunion concert of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (you'll probably guess who I was more partial to!). The pair meant a lot to me in my formative years of late teens and 20's. I couldn't help myself but buy tickets to see them reunited, and I was not disappointed.

You may not like the poem as much as I do, because you don't have the underlying emotions of thinking back to what you were, when you first heard their music. And then again, you may be too young to know.....


A minor deity walks among us

Dobro, cello and 12 string unravel his sounds

His hands cannot stay still

Unlike a singer who focuses on words

Leaving diaphragm diaphanously

Moved by sound needing to touch it

His words float among the rafters

They soar and his partner of the angel’s whine

Frosts them with magnificent cushions of harmony.


Soothsayer, poet, teller of tales

Maker of rhymes and those lines that don’t

We are humbled by the music, inspired by the words

Touched in a way we did not expect

Arrested are we, applauding endlessly

I stop to grip my heart.

Small of stature

Shaken by response and experience

Wearing his passion for his music “like a thorny crown”.


My simple act of grasping a memory

Bringing a dear one for a night of music

Becomes strangely alive with the soul and the sound of

This man, who with his songs, has touched lives and burned

Aging melodies into our very being.

Foreshadowing his eulogy he appears

An Old Friend

Made new again by the enormity

Of thousands of words grasping souls, taking prisoners.
Brought tears to thousands, peace to all

Shook us to our foundations

Never was much, he was just his father’s son.

I stand and remember, in awe.

~Quidrock 2003

Simon & Garfunkel – “Old Friends” Tour, the morning after


Pam said...

Love the poem. I was a huge fan, back in the day! My fav was always "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

Kelly said...

I've always love Simon & Garfunkel, but definitely have my favorite of the two: Garfunkel.

Again, it might have something to do with the attached emotions and memories.

Marion said...

I love Paul Simon's music. Although "Bridge Over Troubled Water" has some really heavy duty memories attached from my youth, my favorite song is "Cecelia" by them.

"Graceland" by Paul Simon is a favorite album of mine. I like "Diamonds on the Souls of Her Shoes" perfomed live in Zimbabwe. It's f'ing amazing! Here's the link: