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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Nuts are All Out There

With all the pleasant chatter about Sonia Sotomayer being racist, and the epithets regarding Dr. Tiller, that beat a path to his assassination, after everything that comes out of Michelle Bachman's mouth, and oh, yeah, let's not forget the no good for nothing Obama going to New York for a Broadway show (where does that guy get off, anyway?), you might enjoy the tuneful lyrics of the "American Patriot Tea Party".

"The group's chief organizer, Cheryl Brooks, advocates making being Chistian a requirement for governmental service, and a return to the laws of 1788, which would eliminate women's, minorities,' Jewish and others' civil rights. Apparently, she wants all amendments to the constitution eliminated (which would, I assume eliminate the Bill of Rights)."......

This, reported in the Progressive Alaska Blog. This lady clearly has it all together. She's just full of good ideas. Here she is in her garden. She looks harmless enough.

Where's she from? Oh, Yeah. Wasilla. Go figure. :)

When I was losing, they called me nuts. When I was winning they called me eccentric.
~ Al McGuire

~Christine Lavin
~John Steinbeck


Debby said...

Wasilla...hmmm...we heard a lot about Wasilla lately. It was in the news a lot...who else was from there? Man. I really hate it when somebody just fades from your consciousness as quickly as Palin did.

quid said...

Debby.... she'll be back.