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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Norah Jones released her 4th album this week. There's a typical humor song that closes the album, "Man of the Hour" that takes you through Norah's relationship with her dog. How could that get better?

Overall, it's a breakup album, and with the departure of Lee Alexander, Jones' SO and bass player, there's less honkey tonk, country and bass playing on this one. Less politics. It's edgier, sound wise. Norah does some electric guitar as well as piano and wurlitzer. And yes, she's got songwriting cred on every song. Not sure yet that this is my favorite song, but it sure has the most incredible lyrics/poetry; by turns scary and dark, but the imagery is startling:

Young Blood by Norah Jones and Mark Martin

I'll pretend my heart's not on fire

If you steal my true love's name

Broke down subway in this city of spires

Tape your picture over his in the frame

We'll imagine we're sleeping revolvers

Shotgun wedding in a strange SoHo

Our chambers hold slivery collars

Gun down werewolves wherever we go

We gun down werewolves wherever we go

Midnight phone calls in the back of a Mustang

Creased white pages torn right from the spine

Kissed my neck with a crooked, cracked fang

You always hoped one day you'd be mine.

Threw our fathers on funeral pyres

I'm not sure that we were playing a game

Busted gasket in a field full of liars

No one noticed we set five boroughs aflame

No one noticed we set five boroughs aflame

Young blood

Young bone

Old ghosts

Go home

Band of gold with a diamond implied

You wrote letters that you never sent

I made promises I'll always deny

Now we'll never know what the other meant

Watch is ticking like a heartbeat gone berserk

Lost the chance to wind the key

Roosters are nothing but clucking clockwork

Our fears are only what we tell them to be

Our fears are only what we tell them to be

Drown the last of our matches

Burn the rest of each other

You were strongest when I ached for breath

Through the thick of smoke we'll finally smother.

Young blood

Young bones

Old ghosts

Go home.
Listen to the "dog song"... a lot more mainstream, from her appearance on GMA:

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Serena said...

I've always adored Norah Jones. She's not only gorgeous, but hugely talented.