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Friday, November 20, 2009


Palin Redux

Day 4, and even I, who can go on endlessly about this woman, am tired of the overexposure.

My reaction to her book?

"Whine, whine, whine"



Donna said...

LOL!! Love the picture.

No surprise about the whining or the overexposure ... and it's not over...

quid said...

Hopefully, most of the American public can realize that she has this wierd charisma...but about as much societal sense and smarts as Glenn Beck!

quid said...

One of the things I was pretty sure would happen to Palin... altho I didn't think it would happen this swiftly, is that authors work hard on book signings. Hundreds of people show, and you have to be nice, and you have to go out of your way to sign the books (Huckabee figured that out).

This just in from Noblesville, only a couple of days into the book tour:

From someone at the signing:

Gary Conner Sarah,

You angered and disappointed over 300 families in Noblesville tonight. I attended Mike Huckabee’s book signing yesterday. He had pre-signed book in case he would be unable to sign all the books for people who qualified. His books would be exchange one for one with any one whose book he could not sign

First, you should work to make this right. Second, you need to make sure that it never happens again!

and another:

Jordan Harris I just spent 9 hours of my day, $40 of my hard earned money on two of your books, and took the whole day off work to watch you jump on a bus and throw a half-heated wave to the crowd you were avoiding.

I have never felt so disrespected. How can you claim that you are different? You aren’t. You are just as selfish as everyone else in Washington. It breaks my heart. I thought you might be the answer to the turmoil this country is under but you aren’t. You just slapped hundreds of Hoosiers in the face. The hard working type of people that you claim to represent.

and another:

Linda Lewey My family (wife, 3year old, and 10 year old) and I waited for 6 hours to get a book signed by Sarah Palin tonight. She left 300 folks standing in the rain and cold without explanation or even an address at exit. That is 1800 hours of voters lives sacrificed for nothing due to lack of concern by another politician for… our time, money and effort to see a cause through. She could have invested 45 minutes and not received the boos, or sign my book chants. I know that the majority of the folks that were chanting go Palin now are returning her books tomorrow morning. What a disappointment.

and another:

Greg VandenBoom I spent majority of my day at Border’s in Noblesville, Indiana waiting to get my book signed. After 8 hours in the cold and rain with my wife and 10 month old baby, I was shocked to watch Sarah get on a bus and leave without signing books for at least 400 people. Instead, we were given a sticker that had her signature printed on it! You lost quite a few supporters tonight!

and even more:

Dawn Hatfield Ament TOO BAD I was “Palienated” today in Noblesville. I waited SEVEN hours and never got my book signed. Only 600 of the 1000 promised wrist bands got in the door. Such a HUGE disappointment!


“I’m very disappointed. I think it was very rude. She could have at least apologized, and she didn’t even do that,” said Teresa Hedrick.

Many of the unhappy people stood in the rain all day, bought the book from Borders and clutched their wristbands for their opportunity to meet Palin.

“We bought two books from Borders to have our receipt and our wristband to get it signed tonight,” said one woman. “My books are going back to Borders tomorrow.”

“We gave up our entire workday, stayed in the cold. My kids were crying,” said one man. “They went home with my wife. She was out here in the freezing cold all day. I feel like I don’t want to support Sarah.”

also, this comment from rumproast:

They will keep cutting the number in half after every stop on Palin’s book signing tour until it’s down to just one and that person will be John Ziegler. The end.

Donna said...

Again, no surprise ... I can't even say I'm surprised about how little time it took. She's a super-star legend in her own mind. I feel bad for all those people who waited. I know I'd feel jilted.

She sounds like the beauty pageant contestant who wants world peace. She's going to give more money to the people! Cut taxes for small businesses. They will hire more people, etc., etc... FABULOUS!

She's talking about small business here. Say Sarah - how much less tax are mom and pop going to be paying?Give it to me in hiring terms. Enough to hire one employee? Two?

Say Sarah, isn't receiving less money in taxes also a deficit?? Or is it only a deficit when it's paid out by the government? Here's what I know - if I had to take a cut in pay ... that would be a deficit. Really, it would. Is paying an additional $100.00 monthly bill different from cutting $100.00 from my monthly net salary? If it is I'm not seeing it. So why isn't anyone asking where's the money going to come from? Although I know her answer would be "I'll cut government spending," which is another "I want world peace" response.

I've never heard her ever speak of a clear cut solid plan of implementation ... about anything. Everything is the equivalent of "I'm qualified because I can see Russia from my house."

I have a friend who said after the election, "When is she going to shut up?" I said, "Oh God, no, let her keep talking. Please. It's the fastest way for her to be silenced, and she'll do it all by herself."

Marion said...

I think Sarah Palin has as much right as any other American to co-author a memoir and get paid for it. I wish her and her family success. Our nation has turned into a big bunch of bullies and it's so sad and ugly. I pray to God that I never be as cruel to another human being as people have been to this woman. I thoroughly enjoyed her book.

Donna said...

Whoa, Marion, who said or even implied that Sarah Palin doesn't have the right to write an autobiography and get paid for it? I've never heard that from anyone.

Those people who stood in line were her supporters. She didn't come through for them as she promised, then she walked away without a word of apology. What do you think their answer will be when she asks them to support her again?

I'm not seeing her as an innocent victim of cruelty. At all.

quid said...

I started to count the use of the word "I" in Palin's book, but I stopped after 232... and I had only skimmed chapter 5.

She can write what she wants. Her lies, fabrications and her dumbing down of the American woman in politics deserve whatever she gets.

You can call it cruel. I call it spot on.


Donna said...

232! LOL! Wait, she'll make herself a victim of the people who are upset because she did nothing after they stood in line for hours.

quid said...

Challenged to write a review of the Palin book that was about the BOOK and not just my reaction to the woman.

Here it is:

dated January 11, 2010.