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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday... I give up blogging on Friday's.. instead, Tune-In

I'm going with tunes from now on, on Fridays. It's when I do most of my musical listening, and just decompress from the week. So look for Friday Tune-Ins.

Here's the guy that always helps me chill...the great smooth jazzer, Michael Franks, who's been with me, well, since 1975 when I was hanging with an older crowd while finishing my degree in summer school (I'd taken the winter/spring off to intern with a firm and then to kick around Europe and had to go back for 6 credits to graduate). These fine folks were into jazz more than my favorite music of the day (The Eagles), and they helped me kick off a lifelong habit. Michael had just come out with his second album ... "The Art of Tea".

A composer, musician, man who attracts great talent to jam with him...Michael was prolific in the 70's and 80's, less so in the last two decades. A couple of years ago, a good friend mentioned that he liked Michael. I was floored...hadn't thought about him for a decade. But he still tours, is coming out with a new CD, and published a book of poetry last year. 'Nuff said... 8 years after he wrote it, here he is with my favorite song (with Veronica Nunn) off 1985's "Skin Dive", this is

When I Give My Love To You


Donna said...

What about Popsicle Toes? :)

I've always liked Michael Franks. Great choice!

Marion said...

Good choice. I love him, too! Blessings!

Kelly said...

Very nice! You know I'm a jazz lover, too, but I'm just starting to gain an appreciation for jazz with vocals.