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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tune-In Friday - Eva

Relatives have had old tapes pieced and remastered, allowing us to have many CD's of the late Eva Cassidy, taken from this life before most of us knew what a jewel we once had among us.

The newest of these is "Somewhere"... here's a gem from that; "Chain of Fools".

Unfortunately, the world's been deprived of seeing Eva make music. Very little film exists of her singing and playing guitar. Her session "Live at Blues Alley" is a fine CD, and provides us with at least a little of Eva, from 1996, shortly before her death ... in the flesh. This is the best of that film. Enjoy.


Kelly said...

Her voice is beautiful!!

Marion said...

I love her music. She had such a pure voice. I have two of her CD's and play them often. Thanks for sharing that awesome video. Blessings!