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Monday, March 29, 2010

Dissidents and Violence

Note: 17 in this picture, not 9.

Holy Branch Davidian!

Ok, I come from the intersection of two rural families, where both sides of the family hunted. My brother, to this day, still hunts. Enjoys it. More power to him.

Now, I didn't hunt. Ok, I got dragged along when they were trying to kill some time by hunting birds (partridge, duck) because they wanted someone to carry the spoils. For the real "man stuff" (deer), I was never invited.

For 27 years, I was married to a gun enthusiast who didn't hunt. His collection was mostly semi-automatic. Again, I'm not throwing stones. I collected Barbie dolls for a time. To each his/her own.

I am not adamantly opposed to guns, I just don't use them. Ever. I never fired one. It isn't a holier than thou belief, I only smoked a cigarette once in my life, I have never eaten sushi. Pronounced tastes about things, I think.

But this militia group, the Hutaree, has me scared of my frickin' shadow. Is this really happening in the 21st century? Sure, right now there are only 9 of them, they are in custody; we only know what the media says about their endgame. But scary, scary, scary? You bet. I guess that's what they want.


Kelly said...

Well, you know my stance on guns. I like to hunt and I enjoy target shooting. I don't currently own a handgun, but I do have several shotguns and rifles.

Still....I certainly don't condone groups like this. I'm not familiar with them and don't know their agenda, but I can guarantee I wouldn't like it.

On a side note...what make deer hunting "man stuff"? Just curious. Most of my deer hunting has been with a shotgun. Killing a deer at however many yards (where the animal never knew you were there) takes a good marksman. Using a shotgun (much closer range) to harvest a deer takes a hunter.

Debby said...

I belong to a hunting family. I don't hunt, but we have more guns in this house than I know. And you know what? Groups like this still scare the crap out of me.

quid said...

You know Kelly, I never even questioned that deer hunting was "man stuff". They included us girls in poker, golf and football watching. But hunting was a guy thing. I never asked to go along. Wonder what would have happened if I did?