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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Over

We've joked, in these blogpages, about my somewhat obsessive relationship with dance shows. It started with the venerable "Dancing With the Stars". But now, at last, DWTS has used up all the hasbeens in America, and they've finally assembled a cast that even I can't watch.

The "Reveal" was tonight. Now, there are 11 of them. By the announcement of the first two, I knew I would be unable to watch. Catch this:

Contestant #1.......

DTWS might have followers of all ages, but, let's face it, it is middle
aged women that are its primary demographic draw. Who would not appeal to middle
aged women? That's right.

Pam Anderson

I'm sure she will be very tasteful.

Another passion of mine is football. However, there are some people in the game whose mouths are just a whole lot bigger than their talent. And which of these will appear on DWTS? You guessed it:

Chad Ocho Cinco

(bad boy of the Cincinnati Bengals)

Lots of luck with this lout!

I tuned out most of the rest of the DTWS announcement, but I did catch contestant #10, a woman who, if I never see her face again (and God forbid I need to see her dance), is the #1 Mother in America:

No doubt she'll drag all those little ones who have
been so messed up by her obsession with fame
(not to mention her hair) that they might never

Have a great time on TV,

Kate Gosselin.

I won't be watching.


Kelly said...

Let's see...isn't the expression "jumping the shark"?

I'm afraid that's where Idol is headed, too. It's hardly started and I'm already dissatisfied this season.

Marion said...

I had to laugh. Ray and I were watching the Bachelor finale (Jake's pick was a total no-brainer, literally and metaphorically) when they announced the cast of DWTS. Ray has never, EVER liked DWTS, but when they said, "Pam Anderson" he got all glassy-eyed and said, "I can't WAIT too see that show." LOL! Men are so transparent.

Debby said...

You know, I really find that I miss network TV even less after reading stuff like this. There is nothing that can take the place of good taste, is there?

quid said...

M & K ... ah, reality. It isn't.

Debby ... you're right. You're not missing much.


Bob said...

Thankfully I never got into this one. When I heard Kate was one of them, I was glad. I don't have to boycott it.

American Idol is definitely in the toilet. The chemistry with Simon, Randy and Paula is irreplaceable and they started the show's demise last season w/ the new judge. Getting rid of Paula was the final nail and trying to do it w/out Simon will be horrendous.

I think Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious but she's not a musician and having her as a judge just shows it really has nothing to do with music anymore. I'm done with it; have not watched one episode this time around.

And yes, Debby, your life is not lacking one bit by missing network television.

But I gotta tell you, I still love The Office!