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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tune-In Friday #6

My first live concert, 1971. Good memories. Duluth, MN Arena. Creedence was promoting, "Pendulum" . I can't find any good old film of Creedence, so here's one of the band's survivors with "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?". It was good to see him make a comeback, not so very long ago.....


Kelly said...

For some reason I've always had a total mental block when it comes to CCR. Especially Proud Mary.

I'm not sure I remember my first live concert. Maybe Don McLean?

Marion said...

Great song. My first concert was, unfortunately, Alice Cooper. I was 19 and pregnant and threw up my popcorn all over the people in front of us. The air was thick with marijuana smoke (Ha! That's so funny now because you can't even smoke a cigarette indoors.) We had to leave early, butI did see the him do the snake thing.

quid said...

Great memories. The CCR concert had an undercurrent of marijuana smoke, too. I remember being shocked by that; we were so protected from life in small town Minnesota.