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Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's Poem... one of mine

I promised a second poetry entry where I dabbled in the erotic ... and so, here it (gulp) is. It's about a year old. Prior to this post, only one person has seen it. I wonder if I'll regret opening up my poetry journal in this way, but life is not without risk. I truly love this poem. It came to me in a heartbeat. Those are always the most personal.


I’m lateral
On the level
Losin’ myself
I want to watch you
But then my jaw drops
My heart stops
Your lips on the back of my neck
Burning through the skin there
I’m inside out

I’m vertical
The smell of me
Mingles with the smell of you
We’re caught up in us
There’s a moon tonight
Watchin’ us
No tellin’

I’m senseless
Taken in by the moment
Fragments of rational
Thought on the run.
In flight.
Got lucky.
Pinch me.

~quidrock 2009

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Kelly said...

I'm SO glad you posted this. It's beautiful!! Very classy.

Thanks for sharing this little part of yourself.

Cara Powers said...

Quid, you need to be on Twitter so I can easily say, "Quid, I love that magnet!" THen I'd leave a link and people would come to your page to see it. I like to joke with my Dad that I didn't even have to join the NAVY to learn Never Again to Volunteer Yourself.

quid said...

Cara.... I've considered Twitter. Always worried about too many inroads into my life. We'll see. Thanks so much.