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Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's Poem..... "Optimism"

I wanted to leave this year's "Poetry Month" with something current from me. Poetry has not come easily in the last year. I wrote this for a particularly "plucky" friend who has a remarkable outlook on the surgery she is facing in May. I also chose to write in yellow, which has had a particularly sunny effect on some of the poetry I've loved and published here in the last month. Look for more poetry each week on Wednesday, with my "FreeVerse" entries.


One fork in the road
Dissolves into another
You’re tired of forks
But you keep on
Keeping on

One life’s lesson is
Learned, you
Smile at those who inspire
And reassure you
Each and every day

You’d like a year
Where no sadness
Crosses your threshold
But you keep on
Keeping on

There is no better source
Of your own optimism
Than your own
Indomitable spirit
Each and every day.

You’re inexhaustible
You will prevail.

Quidrock 2010


Kelly said...

This may have been written for one in particular, but I think we can all read it and take heart.

I've thoroughly enjoyed your daily poetry this month.

Thank you!!

Pam said...

Wonderful! And...I can totally relate to it in my own life!!

Jenners said...

I always love to see the pairings of photos and poems you have. I wish your friend a year of happiness and no sadness ... just a plain old boring year ... she sounds like she needs it and deserves a respite. There are just years when you do need to just keep on keeping on despite it all. Lovely poem, as always.

raven said...


This poem as well as your other poems of the past days "Sometimes"
"Lateral" and "Comfort In Your Own Company", all really struck deep chords
with me. Not to speak of the poetry by other poets like for instance
Rainer Maria Rilke or William Stafford.

Thank you for all the poetry which you have shared with us
last month.


quid said...

I loved spending so much time immersed in poetry this month, and I'm so glad that people enjoyed it. Thanks, ladies!