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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today's Poem -- The Testicled Ones

A couple of years ago, we had a funny back and forth in email regarding women vs. men. It was based on a comment made in a writer's group (a lot of the people who read this have the group in common) called "Pearlsoup". This was part of my contribution to the madness... the latter verses being less poetic; so I didn't include them here. It's all in good fun, to my friends from the other gender!

Ode to The Testicled Ones

Great waves of testosterone.

Great days of carefree living.
Days of golf, of hunting, of drinking to excess.

Great tales of those excesses, to be shared
With the buddies, not the wifies.
Ah, men among men. The smell of it, once in awhile, the arrogance.

Great men are those who care about and for good women.
Great men are those who see beyond self and care for their own spawn
They’d never think of leaving all the care that comes with kids
To the ever-present, ever-popular girl they married.


Serena said...

I love it! But I sure do love being a girl.:)

Debby said...

Made me laugh. I think of all the great men who come in to the store on their way to the golf course at the country club just down the road. It fit them perfectly.

Kelly said...

This is funny!

I spent more time away from PS than I did there, so I missed out on this "debate".

quid said...

This was a funny debate in email, outside of PS, Kelly. We didn't do much of these, but the remark that touched off this silliness made us all bond against a common exasperation at the hijinks there.

I still have Pam and Donna's emails.