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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I would like to watch you sleeping,

which may not happen.

I would like to watch you,

sleeping. I would like to sleep

with you, to enter

your sleep as its smooth dark wave

slides over my head


and walk with you through that lucent

wavering forest of bluegreen leaves

with its watery sun & three moons

towards the cave where you must descend,

towards your worst fear


I would like to give you the silver

branch, the small white flower, the one

word that will protect you

from the grief at the center

of your dream, from the grief

at the center I would like to follow

you up the long stairway

again & become

the boat that would row you back

carefully, a flame

in two cupped hands

to where your body lies

beside me, and as you enter

it as easily as breathing in


I would like to be the air

that inhabits you for a moment

only. I would like to be that unnoticed

& that necessary.

~~ Margaret Atwood

She's a world renowned author, but, I expect, even better at poetry. If you dig around, you'll find more.


Marion said...

I love this poem. I didn't know Margaret Atwood wrote poetry. I have several of her novels. (By the way, I love your button on the sidebar.) Love & Blessings!

quid said...

You will love her, ML. Now don'tcha go buyin' her. You've got a birthday coming up.


Kelly said...

I've read a couple of her novels, but don't think I knew she wrote poetry, either.

This is wonderful!!

Anonymous said...


I wasn't familiar with Margaret Atwood's
poetry. But it's a beautiful poem which
struck a chord with me.

And of the poetry which you have shared
during the past days, I appreciated
your vivid and excellent poems:
"Can Anyone Hold Their Liquor?"
and "Wrapped".

As well as that Moira Magneson's
compelling poem knocked my socks off.

Pam said...

I love her books! I love that poem even more! That is one amazing poem!