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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where have I been, where have I been.

Sigh. It's poetry Wednesday. I'll repeat a poem I wrote in 2005. It should illuminate my absence from this blog. Here I am, repeating the same bad habits of 5 years ago....

Prisoner At A Desk

The outrage of being here, tied
By bonds and deadlines not of my making
To this spot, for long hours,
Sense of obligation and satisfaction when work completed.

Prisoner at a desk, I’ll admit it.
Tied here by the need of rent and food
Of bills to pay and gas to buy.
And what, you ask would come if

Those earthly things were magically
Given to me, not obligations to pay...

Well, when that happens,
And I don’t doubt that it will,
I’ll be at a desk by choice
And perhaps
The texture and feel of WHAT I do
And WHEN I do it, shall be my own.

No longer at someone’s bidding.
Content to have sense of accomplishment
Coupled with self-set deadlines and missions.
Prisoner at a desk?
Held by my own need to be
Someone and something I’ve grown accustomed to.


Marion said...

You poor baby! I love this poem, but I hate that you're being worked into amnesia!! Oh, how I wish I'd have willingly left my own 'prisoner desk' before it almost killed me. Sending you love and hugs. xoxo

Kelly said...

I'm with Marion. Great poem, but sorry that you are working so long and hard!! I missing seeing you here more often. At least we have our brief texts on Sunday nights (for the moment... we'll have to find something else when that show ends)

Pam said...

Take care, my friend! Try to free yourself and come up for air when you can!!

Bit of good news on this front. Trish got a job!!!!!!! She started today and loves it. She's general manager of a wonderful little boutique called Apricot Lane in a neat, quaint new mall with tons of shops and restaurants. In many ways a little village type setting. The new thing in malls.

Love the poem; hate that you are a prisoner to your desk again!!