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Monday, August 16, 2010

Baseball in Minnie

Finish what you start out to do... I started the opus of what I did on my vacation, in 4 instalments, in June. So here is the final entry! At last!

Despite a number of trips to Minnesota since I left for good in 1978, none of them have ever allowed me the time to wander around Minneapolis again, where I lived the single-girl-act-like-Mary-Tyler-Moore life for 3 years after college. Going down for an overnight stay at a scrumptious Westin (very zen; with a multiple head steam shower that was to die for and a view from windows on two sides of my room), we were able to tour my old neighborhood, which, a tad ghetto-ish in the 70's is now very Tribeca. Marc, Gary's younger son lives there, and we had a great couple of chances to see him in a sports bar and and Irish put. Places where my brother an I are very comfortable.

The Twins just opened up a new stadium, next to the Target Center arena downtown. It has further brought the city to life. I loved it. Bob, you will have to go there soon! The designers even brought back the old Twins logo from the 60's for the big sign inside the park. It is the fourth picture down.

We spent Friday night having phenomenal steaks at a place called Pittsburgh Blue, and on Saturday, we got to the Farmer's Market at St. Anthony falls, just next to the new Tyrone Guthrie theater. I still haven't figured out why I didn't have any pictures of that.... oh yes, low battery on camera. We had a great time exploring and tasting fantastic coffee and organic goodies.

The game itself was slow until the Twins broke it open in the late innings and won. We celebrated at a Twins bar later, where Denise showed off her pennant of her favorite player. Later that I night, I posed with one of the multiple statues of Kirby Puckett, Twins Hall of Famer that scatter the city (Louisville has horses, Mpls has Kirby!).

Exhausted, we went back to St. Cloud, but not before Gary got in a bumper thumper with another car and we removed pieces of his front end and put them in the trunk. It was a bad note in an otherwise phenomenal vacation, and I winged off home the next day, satisfied that I'd seen all that Minnie had to offer.


Kelly said...

I've enjoyed your pictorial travelogue. With the exception of the minor problem at the end, it sounded like a wonderful, refreshing vacation!

Pam said...

Me too, enjoyed!!!! How fun!! I can tell just how much you enjoyed your trip this summer!!

Oh, btw, your comment on my last poem had me rummaging in old photos and I added a few to my last couple of poetry posts. :)

Debby said...

Now, there are two words that I never expected to hear in the same paragraph: Minnesota and ghetto.

I want to go to Minneapolis one day, and while I'm there, I want, desperately to see Garrison Keillor.

Bob said...

Yes Target Field is definitely on the list! Think I will like it better than the old dome, don't you?

Great narrative. Your travels have come to life for your readers!