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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tune In Friday.....There's so many people that live vicariously through you

This comes along at a genius time...just when most of us are itching for the season to start.

Maybe I'm just too big a football fan. But I can't stop watching this video. Although there are really some star shots here, and some big time football clips (sweetness! Landry! Joe Paterno with black hair!)...the best are the peewee and high school clips. Not to mention the shot of Chesney in his #7. Superb.

If it moves me that much, I can't imagine how much it means to someone who played the game.


Marion said...

I usually don't begin watching football this early in the season, but damn, my SAINTS kicked some ass last night. LOL! Great post. xoxo

Bob said...

I cry every time I hear (and/or) see this. Of course for me it's living vicariously through my son.

Kelly said...

I rarely watch football. Just the occasional Superbowl.

I'm afraid this clip is a little long for me to attempt to watch. The system is running a little too slowly today as it is. I'm sure it's good, though.