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Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting in the way of my writing.....

I've been frustrated by how little time I seem to have for writing, and couldn't figure it out. I am now working 40 hours a week, instead of 70, so wouldn't ya think I would be reviewing and posting regularly? I finally realized what was getting in the way ---


I've had a full weekend of college and half-day of pro football (after going to the Rays game Friday night....I gotta stay away...they lost and I am bad juju for them.... so I'll just follow from home).

The Bucs have surprised with two victories against mediocre opponents. And I'm pretty sure this won't continue (I have them 5-11 for the season). But yesterday's game was entertaining.

Kellen Winslow, pre-game -- he wracked up 83 yards receiving.

We're hoping for a solid year for the USF Bulls, now that they have a real coach of the Holtz variety. They lost to the Gators, but could have a strong year in the Big East. I may even be able to afford a game or two, live.

Rocky the Bull

And finally, it does my heart good to see the Evil Favre get his come-uppance. Two losses, and three interceptions and a fumble today. Show up for the pre-season you weenie prima donna!

Favre on the Sidelines in the Loss to Miami, Week 2


Kelly said...

If you got a weird text from me this morning, it's because I got a weird one from you in the middle of the night.

I think it was one of those times when a text from the past just now arrived!

Marion said...

Go LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints!!!! LOL! (Me, too, Quid). Glad you have more time for fun stuff. Blessings!

Bob said...

The part about you and the Rays makes me laugh. I am convinced I have jinxed teams my entire life. And if I start supporting a team, they go down the drain. They really should pay me to stay away and lose interest.

Looks like the Rays are in post-season for sure, either winning their division or the Wild Card. I'm pulling for them (don't tell them, though . . .)