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Friday, September 10, 2010

Tune in Friday.... Jazz Falls Prey to the Economy

The Clearwater Jazz festival is a treat every October. It's been going on every year since 1980 (it's free!) and it covers 4 nights and two weekend days. I've been at the festival three times, and can't believe what I missed in a couple of years I missed.

In 2005, my first year (oh, what I missed in 1996-2004 when I was in Tampa but not a big jazz fan!), I saw a single concert with Boney James the smooth saxophone artist. I was hooked. In 2007 I went back and caught Arturo Sandoval and Natalie Cole, but had to miss George Benson.

I was out of the city in 2008 and was crushed at missing Tony Bennett and David Sanborn.

Last year, Chris Botti was there on a week night, so I couldn't make it, and we went back and narrowly missed seeing Boney again. We did catch the Neville Brothers, and that made it all worthwhile for me. I was waiting with great anticipation for this year's line up (the even have a lineup party in August).

Alas, it is obvious that big ticket musicians just aren't touring to small venues...and that no one wanted to plan on coming to the gulf coast, assuming they'd be covered in oil. Oh, don't get me wrong, we have some fairly decent regional acts, and I give you two of the best below: Level 10 and Eric Darius. But, compare that to Benson and Bennett. Sigh. I'm hoping to catch some music during October `14-17 even if there are no "big names". Enjoy this year's poster and some smooth jazz!

Level 10 in a local TV performance:

Eric Darius with a great cover:


Marion said...

Well, I'm royally PISSED that our state has cancelled our annual pilgrimage to the Louisiana Book Festival in September due to State budget cuts. My ass. Any time our state gets someting good, fun and educational, it's the first thing to get chopped. I'm working on several letters to editors to bitch about it.

Bummer on yours, too!! Blessings!

Kelly said...

Wow...I would love to have people like Boney James and Chris Botti come to my area!

Still....I saw a fun show tonight. I'll blog about it soon.