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Monday, October 4, 2010

Komen... be aware this month

Saturday, October 2 was the annual Susan Komen 5k in St. Petersburg. I was supposed to be on a team from my former employer to volunteer to work the race. That was no longer possible, so in my "rounds" on Saturday, I went over and did the fun walk and watched the crowds. I loved the spirit of the group "Viva Las Chicas" (above), but had forgotten my camera. Apparently, the Tampa Tribune thought they were funny and wise, as well, and featured them in one of their pictures. The ladies had raised over $1,000 for the cause.

Along with the 3 day Breast Cancer walk (it is October 29-31 in Tampa), the Komen walks and the variety of large fundraising efforts during breast cancer awareness month in October each year are staggering. And what a profoundly poignant cause.

One of my favorite efforts is the Ford Co. "Warriors in Pink" effort. Their clothing line, over the last 4 years, has raised over $1 million dollars. I saw a lot of their T's on Saturday. Here's a link to their shop site. A $20 T Shirt raises over $11 that goes directly to the cause.
Fundraising is important to combat breast cancer. But more fundamental, in these hard times, is awareness, early detection, and participating in the sense of optimism that surrounds all the wonderful developments that have happened in the last 10 years to combat this terrible disease.


Kelly said...

I love what the poster says on the left side of the photo!

quid said...

Wasn't that hilarious? Those women were overflowing with humor.

Bob said...

I'll be running (?) this Saturday in the Race of the Cure in Nashville, in memory of my mother who died of breast cancer in 1996.

quid said...

Bob, you are the best. Celebrate life during your run.