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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tune In Friday - A Cappella

One of the brighter spots of the holiday period for me was watching the second season of a feel good contest for A Cappella groups, known as the "Sing Off". I didn't find this video until after Christmas, but it features ... well perhaps the only real Mariah Carey song I loved. And, it's done by last year's show winners, Nota.

Nota won the competition just before Christmas in 2009. Since then, they've released an album. When the show came on this year, I checked it out and downloaded it. The great thing about today's a capella groups is how they've expanded to insure the group SOUNDS like it includes instruments, using vocal techniques such as the beatbox. This group is from Puerto Rico, and used some songs from the show, a new song written for them, and some covers of standards in English, mixed with songs in Spanish for their following in their hometown. It's a great blend, and I even love the song "Solo Sin Ti", better than all the rest on the download...although I haven't got a handle on the English translation of the song yet.

The quality of the video... "All I Want for Christmas Is You"... is awesome. They use some film ing tricks to feature everyone in the group, and you really get to "see" the instrumental part of the song, all done by vocals. Enjoy! I'm reviewing the CD for Amazon this weekend, and will provide a link to the review when its finished.

Happy New Year! As we start 2011, I will start with my 400th post!



Kelly said...

You know I'm a big "Sing Off" fan, too, and this is wonderful!! I'm so glad you found and shared it!

I love the new Nota CD and can hardly wait until this year's winners have their own CD, as well.

quid said...

Wasn't this a great video? I'm equally amazed by the voices and the talent of the filmmakers!