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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Word cloud... new governor

One word post about new Florida governor, Rick Scott, (yes, the perpetrator of vast Medicare fraud as the CEO of Columbia/HCA).... shown in a word cloud. Feelings of the populace as Rick begins his new job:

We're optimists, don'tcha know!

He does remind me of Voldemort. Or, as some Floridians spell...Voldermort.


Marion said...

May the Force be with you.


quid said...

Love you, Marion!

Debby said...

Smells like politics. Too funny. I will be watching to see what happens next for you. It is shocking sometimes to see what sort of people make it to the top. Valdemort is the name which cannot be spoken. Palin is the name which ought not to be spoken. I read a column by an Alaskan that made me laugh. He said that Palin's responses to her critics have been getting increasingly hostile, sort of the equivalent of a rude teenager flipping off someone who has a different opinion. He feels that a politician who cannot tolerate any view point contrary to her own is a poor politician. He stated, "She likens herself to a mama grizzly bear. As a person who had to shoot an attacking mama grizzly bear, that image is terrifying."