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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally, a commercial you can love

I have personally owned 4 Volkswagen Jettas. So I like the car. My current version is a diesel TDI. It's not on its last legs at nearly 150,000 miles, but I do need to get it to my son and start over. Alas, I will probably only be able to afford a regular Jetta...I've enjoyed the TDI but too much dinero.

Anyway, Volkswagen is trying to increase US market share, and this gem of a commercial, as well as really good pricing, should help do the trick! Enjoy 2 great oldies and the art of photoshopping!


Marion said...

It's a great commercial, but I love my old Buick Regal (1995 model and still running like a dream) and my Chevy Truck. xoxo

Kelly said...

What a fun commercial!! My best friend had a Jetta for a long time and loved it.

My brother-in-law worked for GM (in Detroit) for over 40 years, so we stick with GM products these days.

quid said...

But what a great "phoenix" type revival of GM...coming out of the ashes.

I've had my eye on that Cruze. Then I think of Tom Cruise. Naw.

Serena said...

Cute commercial! Hope you get your new VW (or whatever you decide on) soon. A new car is always such fun.:)

Anonymous said...