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Thursday, March 10, 2011

If It's Spring, We Got the Yankees

I'm usually moaning about all the traffic and snowbirds here for spring training, a time when the Yankees move in and take over my town.

This year, it seems positive. Signs of life, looks prosperous. Very different from the Florida of the last two years. Still, home values falling, prices rising, jobs growing by inches at a time.

Saw one of these running around town today.......

Pretty unique. We've also got Phillies, Twins and the Red-Sox-Who-Absconded-With-Carl-Crawford in the area. Plus our own hometown Rays. Exciting spring ball.


Bob said...

You know how I love spring training! Susan and I are going with David (our youngest) and senior friends on a 5-day cruise out of Miami week after next and toyed with doing some games on the back end. Alas, just not in the budget. Go to at least one game for me!

Serena said...

Baseball means it's really and truly Spring. Enjoy!