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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The fifth named storm (Emily) of the Atlantic hurricane season IS churning west-northwest at 14 miles (22 km) per hour on a track that would put it over Dominica/Haiti late on Wednesday before taking aim at the southeastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos islands on Thursday.

The NHC also revised its tracking guidance to reflect the possibility that Emily would cut a northward path up the Florida peninsula beginning on Friday night. Its forecast of the storm's wind speeds was also revised upward, opening the door to the possibility of it becoming a low-level Category 1 hurricane by Monday.

It bodes badly for Haiti, where it could cause flash flooding, adding to the woes of the crippled nation, where over 6,000 people have died of cholera since October.

While Emily might still be in Tropical Storm status when it scrapes the East coast of Florida Saturday, as it bounces back into the Atlantic, it could form a potentially weak (category 1?) hurricane as it runs smack into the Georgia/SC/NC coast.

Watching and waiting for the first time this season.


Marion said...

With Texas so brittle and parched, I was sort of hoping Emily might veer off gently toward their coastline. Batten down the hatches, girlie! Let's hope Emily is a mild storm. xo

Kelly said...

Such a frustrating thing....something that could bring welcome relief to some can bring added devastation to others - even as a tropical storm rather than full blown hurricane.

Pam said...

The Texas heat literally sucked TS Don dry as it hit land. It's miserable here. Just miserable.

Serena said...

If it comes, we're in line to get some rain from it. I hope she's not a bad one, but we surely do need some rain.

Anonymous said...

I share your great concern about Haiti. Which is so extremely vulnerable. And even though Emily has broken up, there is still the threat of floods. And I am sorry to hear how parched Texas is.