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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene ... and the little things that make me crotchety

I had the starter in my car breakdown last week. $300. This was after I'd spent $1100 last month for a new timing belt and air conditioner. Sigh. Still, the Jetta has a lotta life left, with 150,000 miles and at least 100,000 to go (but for my son, I'm trading up a little in September).

This week both the spare bath toilet and the AC gave it up on Tuesday. I got a text from my cranky son when he got home a 7. Too late to do anything until Wednesday. Wednesday was new toilet day. New AC took longer, but finally got installed (my rental townhouse is 20 years old, and both were original) on Friday. So Tues, Wed, Thurs nights were hot hot hot and I was cranky cranky cranky. I'm fortunate to have such good landlords. They take care of things fast, and the right way.

I feel a little different now, a little chastised when watching all the danger and inconvenience for so many states due to Hurricane Irene. We Gulf-Coasters sit back and watch, a little awed to be spectators, for a change. Irene reminds me of Gloria in 1985... I was on Cape Cod when it came through. Hopefully, it will be our only "big one" of the season.

Put my small inconveniences in perspective, for sure!


Pam said...

Sorry to hear about your $$ and inconvenience woes! It seems it's always something these days.

I do feel for those on the east coast. However, I wish I could trade them my heat and drought for some rain and cooler weather.

I don't think we'll ever get below the triple-digit tamps! Before long we'll be nothing BUT a dust bowl. This heat has been exhausting and I feel like a mole person only coming out at night or the early morning. I've spent the entire summer inside with the shades drawn and light off to conserve energy and cooler air.

School started last weeki so I'm out every day (12-week sub job), but it's still the heat that beats and wears ya down.

Hope things are all up and running again for you and hope we ALL get some more temperate weather soon.

Kelly said...

My woes seem minor in comparison to what I've witnessed the past day or two.

I'm sorry for your rough week. My daughter was without AC for quite a few (triple digit) days this summer, too. Miserable, I know.

Here's hoping this week is better for you.

Serena said...

Oh, my goodness, you've been through a rough patch. I hope nothing else breaks down on you any time soon! Thankfully, Irene wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Marion said...

Methinks that Mercury is in Retrograde, girlie. Hang in there and it'll be over soon. I've stayed in so I won't have to drive and let something go seriously wrong with a vehicle. I'm knocking on wood about my 'in the house' mechanical stuff. LOL!

I feel sorry for those who got some of Irene's weakened blast, but I'm sort of pissed about how smoothly, calmly and quickly they evacuated those big, important YANKEE rich cities. (I'm still a wee bit bitter about Katrina). And I did flashback to New Orleans recalling how nobody gave a fat rat's ass if everyone there drowned. I really am glad things are better, though, and that they've managed to get their shit together, storm-warning-wise.

I hope you have a great week with no copy machine breakdowns. LOL! xoxo

Debby said...

Your car woes remind me why I married my mechanic.

We all have cause to feel blessed, but it does wear on our patience sometimes when the annoyances team up and attack all at once.

Deep breaths. DEEEEEEEEEp breaths!

raven said...

I am sorry to hear about your inconveniences/setbacks.

My heart goes out to those on the east coast. I have watched Irene with great concern, and continue to
watch Katia with equal concern, as I have three friends in New
England (two of them are o.k, and I dearly hope that my other friend is also o.k.).