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Monday, August 22, 2011

Political Gaffe of the Day

Yes, that is talented character actor Michael O'Keefe above as the caddy in "Caddyshack". Hard to believe he was ever that young.

Nothing exposes political gaffes like running for President. The current crop of Republicans have all had their stumblings in the last week, from Mitt Romney's big, big new palace he's building to Bachmann's fumble with Elvis Presley to the many, many, many boondoggles of Rick Perry.

2008 was no exception, with Obama having to live with the fact that he missed 24% of his voting in Congress (what was he thinking?) and McCain trying to explain to the voters why he was now against an Immigration Plan that he himself had sponsored.

My favorite so far, this year, came out this weekend when someone crazy decided that maybe Paul Ryan should run for President. Mr. Medicare. He may never be elected in Wisconsin again, but let's bandy about a run for President. Paul Ryan was wise enough to decline. Not fast enough though. He was in the spotlight long enough for the press to catch on to a piece of legislation he co-authored in 1999. The act was known as "The Caddie Relief Act".

I kid you not. Apparently, Ryan was trying to help the golf-underprivileged by making sure they had a tax loophole, e.g., they wouldn't have to pay US Income taxes on their winnings. Most caddies on the PGA earn a modest flat fee for being there, and then a % (5-7%) similar to real estate agents of the winnings. .... 10% if their guy takes the top prize. The guy that Tiger Woods just fired made $1.27 million in 2007. An average estimate that year, on the low side, was $90,000. However, they have to pay for their expenses.

Thus, you can see why they would need a tax break not afforded to working mutts. I caddied when I was a teenager. If only I would have known that someone would want me to pay no taxes someday...I might have continued!!!


Bob said...

You and I don't always agree but on many things we do. I love this.

I thought of running for political office a couple of times but glad I let that inclination pass. No telling what gaffes and blunders of mine would have hit the cyber waves.

Serena said...

Good Lord! And they wonder why things are so screwed up.:)

Kelly said...

I miss so much of what goes on politically (because I fail to pay attention from lack of interest) - but this was entertaining. A "Caddie Relief Act"? Seriously??

quid said...

Bob... it would have been nice to have someone in political office that thinks clearly and wouldn't let his "pretty" head get turned by all those offers of free perks for favors.

Still, and all, you're better off.