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Friday, September 9, 2011

Tune In Friday - Javier Colon

This guy is the winner of the competition, "The Voice" -- a show that convinced me to NOT watch American Idol again. Both of these songs he covers are special favorites of mine - the voice is exclusively his. Smile.


Kelly said...

What a talented guy! I really like his voice.

Marion said...

Wow! I didn't watch the show or know who won, but this guy has an amazing talent. Thanks for sharing!!! TGIF! xo

Pam said...

Trish and I watched "The Voice". We loved it!

I liked the last 2 finalists equally. They couldn't have gone wrong with either.

Javier's voice is delightful! Thought so from day one of the contest.

Serena said...

I watched Javier win "The Voice," had a feeling pretty early on he'd win. He's great.

raven said...

I, too really like Javier's voice!
He is amazing. As for the songs
which you have shared here with
us. I have a slight preference for
"Time After Time".