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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Football Saturday Night and New Car

I'm settling in with some falling-off-the bone Memphis Rub babybacks and the Alabama-LSU game, which promises to maybe exceed the BCS #1 bowl we'll all see in January. Football sure has changed in the South; when I came to Florida, every Saturday afternoon was a big one in the SEC and ACC or when cross division rivals like Florida and FSU played each other on autumn afternoons. Now, the big money has made the big games go prime time... and, the weather is so nice at this part of the year that night football in the south is really great!

I had an excellent week of cruising around smoothly in my new 5-speed 2012 JETTA! (My 4th Jetta....); Tom has my 2002 Diesel now. The Jetta is a spectacular White Gold with a Latte Macchiato interior (coffee/cream color seats, with carpet and trim all a deep coffee brown). It's my first new car in 12 years. I'm savoring every minute!

Postscript for Marion: Of COURSE I'm rooting for LSU. Sabin is an evil being.


Marion said...

Pretty new car, but not American! We're watching the LSU game, too. My 2 GM's together have over 250,000 miles and are still kicking ass. Guess I'll never get a new car. :-) xo

Kelly said...

Hey, hey...the new car looks great!!

Now you know I'm not watching any football, but if I had to choose between LSU and Alabama I'd certainly pick LSU (based on my UT days when Bama was their biggest foe).

quid said...

155,000 on the 2002 Jetta when I gave it to Tom. It should go another 100,000.

Pam said...

Congrats on the new car! It's a good-looking ride! :)

Geaux Tigers!

Bob said...

That was quite a defensive battle, wasn't it? I detest AL and LSU about equally but maybe AL a little more, so was pleased with the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new car!
It looks great. Raven