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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time for a Blogthing.... is this my decade?

You Are the 1990s

You are a honest, down to earth, and somewhat sarcastic person. You don't front.

You appreciate the cynical days of the 1990s, when irony was king.

You're somewhat skeptical and mocking of the mainstream. You tend to embrace alternative culture instead.

You are open minded and accepting. You don't judge people as long as they're real with you.


Serena said...

I, too, am the 90s. Yay! I agree 100% with this one.:)

Anonymous said...

I had the 1990's as well. But
I am not sure if all of it fits.

Kelly said...

How about that - I'm the 1950s!!

You are a conventional, traditional, and responsible person. You try to live a good life.

You appreciate the simpler days of the 1950s, when hard work and family were valued.

You believe in doing your best, even if you aren't rewarded right away. Being a moral person is its own reward.

You don't like to rock the boat too much. You like your life as it is and aren't looking to change it.

Pam said...

I'm the 1990a, tool

quid said...

Kelly... you're a throwback!