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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Live Blogging the Superbowl

Haven't done this before, and, while I'm enjoying a close, tough game (rooting for the Giants), I was skeptical of the Madonna halftime show. The reality is, Lady Gaga has done what no other female artist before her ... made Madonna irrelevant.

But the queen of blonde really put on a show tonight, with some of her most memorable songs, and appearances with LMFAO, Nikki Minaj, and, in an NBC programming moment of genius, Cee Lo Green -- who follows up the show with his turn in year 2 as one of 4 judges in NBC's "The Voice". I watched quite a bit of "Voice" last season, really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to it again. NBC also slid in one of the other judges, Blake Shelton, who did a great opening "America the Beautiful" with wife Miranda Lambert, followed by a vocally perfect Star Spangled banner by Kelly Clarkson. Thus, for a change, the entertainment was as good for me as the game. (The Patriots just scored, so my opinion of the game could change.)

And the commercials? Loved the new E-Trade baby slot, and laughed and laughed again at Betty White in the Kung Fu commercial for "The Voice". Betty made that bathrobe look good. So far, though, the most impressive is Clint Eastwood, appearing for Chrysler in a 2 minute mini-documentary that inspired about the future. Not sure why Clint replaced Eminem in this slot, but Ihe's damn well think he's more inspirational! The ad was to "give the nation a pep talk"... and it succeeded with me. Photo from the ad below.....


quid said...

How could I forget "The Dog Strikes Back!" the 2012 commercial (with the Star Wars follow up) from my favorite car company, Volkswagen?

Catch it here....

Kelly said...

I didn't have time to sit down until about the second quarter, so I missed some of the early commercials. I did love the Clint Eastwood spot, but then again...I love Clint Eastwood!

The halftime was quite entertaining. Heck, that woman is my age!!

I'm not a football fan and my opinion doesn't really count on this topic, but I'm glad NY won. Eli Manning. :)

Kelly said...

Oh...and it's kinda hard to beat the VW Star Wars ad from last year, but I liked all the dog ads I saw. And there was a Pepsi ad that made me burst out laughing (in the convenience store checkout). Thinking back, there were quite a few I enjoyed with lots of fun celebrities.

Marion said...

I thought Madonna was mediocre. My new fav is M.I.A.'s tune 'Bad Girls'. It even blows Gaga out of the water in my book. It was a great game.

My fav commerical was the Chevy truck one..."Where's Don? He drove a Ford." LMAO!!!