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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lyrics as Poetry - National Poetry Month

I've always thought that song lyrics are sometimes the best poetry. Especially today, when the interest in written poetry has faded...people get their poetry thru song lyrics.

One of the best modern writers of lyrics is indie artist Jason Mraz. Here's his...

~ Jason Mraz

Hands in Line

Arms close to my side

I'm fighting tides

Of an ocean's undertow

And I figure that I might not make it

I'm taking empty but seldom speaking

And the words retreat

Yeah, they breath in histories

Still at ease

And the story's untold

And my arms unfold

My hands are high

And I'm holding on, I'm holding out

And i figure that i

Figure that I just might make it

And I'm waking empty but seldom sleeping

And the words repeat breathing histories

Into stories untold but I unfold

See now quality is what you see now

In the corner of your eye

And don't be surprised

If you hear the bells ring

As they form from the sky

They sound bong, bong, bong, bong, ba da

Yea yea bong, bong, bong,bong ba da yea, yea

And I'm always holding on

And I'm already holding out

Said I'm holding out your side

And I'm holding out this time

Cause I figure that I, and I figure that I

Just might make it and I'm

Waking empty but seldom sleeping

And the words repeat breathin histories untold

But I unfold


Marion said...

I agree that songwriters are our greatest modern poets. Great song!!! Have a Happy Easter, Q! The weather is awesome here: cool, sunny and no that's a miracle!! xo

Kelly said...

I should pay more attention to lyrics. I've always been more of a music kind of gal instead.

raven said...

It's an excellent song, and I really
appreciated the image(s) of
unfolding. Raven