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Thursday, May 17, 2012

RIP Donna Summer.....

RIP Donna Summer!

Caught her show quite by accident in 1998 in a street concert at Disney downtown.  She was in top form.  I was with a couple of gay friends who were completely in thrall to all the tunes.  We sang, we danced, we got three encores!

After a successful career in Europe, Summer started as a back up singer for Three Dog Night in the states.  She moved on and up when the disco craze started in the 70's.  I polled friends for the most remembered "Big Song" and got:

MacArthur Park      Love to Love You Baby      Last Dance    She Works Hard For the Money

For my money, my favorite was the wistful... "On the Radio".  Below.  Enjoy.  


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear of her passing and
thank you for sharing "On The Radio".

Kelly said...

I loved Donna Summer and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite song.

I'm sorry she's gone.

Serena said...

You chose a great song in tribute. Her unique voice and energy will be missed.