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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Success on the Civil Rights Front

Post Script - 6/30/2012...Got my driver's license.  Huzzah!  Can't figure out why I look 7 years older in the new picture.  Oh, well, now I can sigh relief until 2019, when they'll probably decide in Florida that I can't get a new license because I might break the camera.  .....

To update an older post.... I breathed a sigh of relief last weekend when I found an envelope from the Town of Greece (suburb of Rochester, NY) in my mailbox. Inside was a certified copy of the 1/2 page paper document (all in longhand) that represents the reason why I changed my surname in 1979...yes, my marriage license.

 The working week was far too short and jam-packed this past week, with 3 key people out of the office and me as the chief "fill in". Especially since I did have to take time out for a doctor's appointment. On that front, I am congratulating myself; in two months since I consulted with an endocrinologist, and followed her advice, I have reduced my A1c3 reading from 10.1 (10 is almost out of control diabetes) to 7.1, a respectable reading when you consider that, below the level of 6, you really don't have diabetes.

 Thus, I did not act on the receipt of this seemingly harmless looking document from the past. This week, I plan to take it, with all my other forms of ID, to the Florida DMV and renew my driver's license. Hopefully, I will have good news for y'all and will continue to be able to drive, vote, and work in FL (my job requires an active DL and auto insurance).. now that I have proved my identity to the conservative majority in the great state of Florida. Having proven to the Social Security Administration in 1979 that I had married and changed my name, I have to do so all over again to the state of Florida, some 33 years later. This, in the state that has already granted me a license 3 times, and allowed me to vote in 8 election years.

 Believe me, if men had to prove their marriages to the great state of Florida to be able to drive, that law would be overturned in a heartbeat!

So, look for the news that says I have proved that I can receive the rights of a citizen in the great state by week's end!


Kelly said...

Most "red tape" is ridiculous!

I'm SO glad you've been able to get the health issues under control! I know you feel better, too.

Pam said...

I echo what Kelly said! Reminds me of when I was hired last Nov. for my job moving from sub to permanant employee. I'd been working for the school district as a sub for some 8 yrs, a job that required a copy of my college transcript. HOWEVER, for the job as a permanant employee for the school district I had to come up with a copy of my HIGH SCHOOL transcript!~!!!!!! Hello???!!! Sometimes the idiocy of the red tape boggles the mind!!

Yes, I'm a whirling dervish in the summer with my clean and purge projects! Last week I cleaned all the blinds, shutters, bathrooms and kitchen. Not much writing or readng yet. I have to get the clean and purge bug under control before I can slack off.

Take care my friend!!!

Serena said...

Glad you're about to satisfy Big Brother's DL requirements, and this is great news on your health issue!

Bob said...

Good news about your count. Happy for (and proud of) you!

raven said...

I do understand how very busy your week has been, As well as your relief when the copy of your marriage license arrived in the mail. I definitely remember the
extremely frustrating bureaucracy about which you spoke in your post of several weeks ago.
As for the health issue, that's very good news, I am glad for you! Raven