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Monday, January 14, 2013


YAWN.  Another bad BCS bowl.  Perhaps the playoff system will make it better in a few years, but honestly, it is hard to see past the SEC dominance.

On the other side of the coin...  this was a weekend of NFL playoffs that might go down in history as the most exciting ever... and that is without me having a dog in the hunt.  Overtime...and last minute plays, especially in the Atlanta vs. Seattle and Denver vs. Baltimore games were nailbiting.  Neither of my favorites won these, and I find myself having to root for San Francisco without a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Surprised as I could be that 70+ Monte Kiffin, above, the great defensive coordinator is leaving college ball and his son's team to coach for the Dallas Cowboys.  Monte's defense didn't work out at USC (they sucked)... but I really never saw him as coaching at the college level, anyway.  It will be interesting to see what transpires. 

Speaking of NFL football, coach Mike Shanahan ought to be horsewhipped for endangering RGIII's career by throwing him away on a first round playoff game.  Awful and self-serving decision.  Seems RGIII and the doctor went right along with it.  Now III will be rehabbing for 6-8 months. 


Bob said...

Did not know that about Monte but perhaps he finally figured out what a spoiled baby his son is and decided he can do better than hitching himself to his wagon for the rest of his life. Of course my TN friends rejoice in every misfortune of the infamous Lane!

I've decided to pull for the underdog Falcons. Unfortunately, that is usually not a good thing for a team!

quid said...

Lane Kiffin is a big spoiled brat. And a rotten coach. With Dallas staffed to run a 3-4 (and Monte a specialist in the 4-3) this may not be a good fit for the 72 year old Monte.

I had to go against Atlanta for SF... looks like I chose correctly!