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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Starting the Blog for 2015, Decided to Go With Iconic

If you try the link above, you'll be treated to a list of the 50 Most Iconic restaurants (1 per state) as summarized by the writers of Thrillist.

I've traveled in 33 states.   But I've only eaten in 4 (and only restaurants that have survived for decades need apply).

From my really great places to eat lists:       The Commander's Palace in N'Awlins
                                                                       Katz's Deli in NYC

From my really obscure lists:                        Matt's Bar in Mpls   (home of the Juicy Lucy)
                                                                       The Red Pepper in GF, Nodak.

I almost wept from hunger at seeing the Red Pepper again.   I hadn't remembered its name, but I never forgot those delicious grinders and garbage plates no matter what the weather in college. 

Here it is (whoda thunk it would survive for nearly 6 decades?)   I'm not sure I was ever there before midnight, but maybe.........

Enjoy the list and see if you agree for your state, or,  how many you have eaten at!!!!!  


Kelly said...

I had fun with this and I don't think I've eaten at a single location named! That includes Arkansas, though I'm certainly familiar with the place listed.

I'm afraid all of my "splurge" dining is going to be visual beginning in the near future. Oh well. I can dream.

Marion said...

Happy New Year, my friend!

This list is wrong, wrong, wrong! Strawn's in Shreveport, Louisiana has the best food/pies on earth! And The Oyster House on Toulouse St. In New Orleans has red beans & rice better than my Mama's!!! Oh, how I deplore lists...Unless they're called list-poems. They're little boxes. LOL! In Nashville, Monelle's is like eating at your grandma's house! So is The Loveless Cafe in Nashville. I will agree that the crab bisque at Commander's Palace is to die for...but you can make it yourself from their old cookbook.

If you ever decide to go to New Orleans, call me and I'll meet you there. Peace, Love & Happiness to you this year. xo

Bob said...

Any kind of list like this is subjective. I have been to three: McClards BBQ in Hot Springs,AR which, in my opinion, totally lives up to its reputation. And it's just plain fun to eat there. Have also been to Bob's BBQ in Decatur, AL and it's very good but, again, in my opinion, there is better in the state of AL. As for Pancake Pantry right here in Nashville, I have always believed it to be way overrated. But many obviously disagree - the lines on the weekends often take up a city block. The Loveless Cafe, however, completely lives up to the hype w biscuits that will bring tears to your eyes! Great list -- a worthy bucket list item would be to visit each one!

Kelly said...

Okay....I'll agree with Marion about the pies at Strawn's!

I was surprised not to see Doe's Eat place listed for MS (Greenville). I've never eaten there, but my husband has and said back in the day there was no better steak (or tamale).

Bob said...

To try and list one place for each state will inevitably leave out places that some think should be there. Doe's is definitely one of a kind. The one in Little Rock has a little more on the menu but lives up to the name. Kelly, you definitely need to make the short trip to Hot Springs and experience McClards.

Kelly said...

Bob, I did eat at the LR Doe's once and thought it was good. I'm afraid the trip to HS would have to be in the next three days and I don't see that happening!

Serena said...

Hello, dear Quid. I've been away from blogging for so long, but I AM going to start up again.

I don't recognize any of the restaurants on your list, but I definitely agree with Marion about The Oyster House in New Orleans. One of a kind, for sure.

Happy New Year!