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Saturday, June 21, 2008

gasoline rainbows

gasoline rainbows
on black asphalt,
spilled from somewhere
as I am walking home
with a heaving heart

the liquid blue
of my endless ocean,
a fluid and eternal
who slips forever
from my searching grasp

a yellow smear
of cannibal cowardice
and the everflowing
filling in the holes
of the path I must tread

shimmering green
of an envious fire
burning in sunlit eyes,
turned inward
for lack of an outward escape

the royal purple
of my martyrs bruise
and the fractured face of
as I court an impossible aim,
to be a prince among men

and infernal red,
the shade of rage,
burning to the surface of
enflamed by the battered heart
who ignites ego’s ambitions

these are the colors
of my combustible heart,
displayed for all to see
on a busy street,
waiting for a spark of sun
to erupt me into action

- j. meredith

I am convinced that in this lifetime I've made the acquaintance of someone whose poetry will one day be famous. I've been wrong before, but from time to time I'll feature a poem by an unknown midwestern writer -- my friend, Jon Meredith.


Pam said...

I totally agree with you, and this is a prime example of his incredible talent as a writer/poet.

His imagery is visceral, yet beautiful!

Bob said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! My mouth is open with wonder as I read. Thanks.

Algernon said...

His poetry has already touched you so he will live forever in you.

That photograph is nice. I remember the first time I saw a 180-degree rainbow like that. It was last year and it was in the desert during Burning Man. It came after a big storm and everyone coming out from their shelters looked up, saw that rainbow, and started applauding and cheering. Thousands and thousands of people applauding the sky.

Kelly said...

Great poem, but I think I'm most taken with the photograph. Lovely!!! (did you snap it yourself??)

Hal Johnson said...

Like you, I've often been touched by Jon's writings. I'd like to see make a living by writing, yeah. But, most of all, I'd simply like to see more people have the chance to discover him.

quid said...

Hey, guys... the photo was taken in this area of Florida, but not by me, by an acquaintance. I do love the 180 degree rainbows we get down here, and the floor to ceiling lightning.

I helped Jon a couple of years ago to put some thematic poems together and enter them in a writer's contest. He got some special recognition, but, like me, he wasn't "found". We had a good time doing the work together, choosing which poems, and sitting on pins and needles until he heard.

I need to find a couple of poetry contests again... winning isn't the point, it's the fact that you are bravely facing the critique.


Anonymous said...


As you know, Jon is one of my favourite poets. He is such a remarkable poet. Like the ladies and gentlemen who have already commented here, I too, hope that more readers will discover Jon.

Also, I will be looking forward to the other poets which you will feature now and then on your blog.